Saathi is a SAC approved student body that endeavours to identify challenges faced by the student community, understand them, create awareness and to help transform the understanding into positive action.


Saathi works on the proactive front with the objective of achieving overall well-being of the entire student community by enhancing every individual’s self-mentoring abilities. Its sister body Mitr has a reactive role.


Mitr, earlier known as Guidance and Counselling Unit (GCU), is a body comprising faculty and senior students. The objective of Mitr is to provide guidance to the students on the various academic and extra-curricular activities on campus, and to counsel students who are facing any curriculum-related, or personal problems.

Particularly, when a new student joins the institute, he/she needs a lot of information and orientation to adjust to the new place. Mitr plays a key role in making the transition from a new student to an IITian viz. the process of instilling a sense of pride and confidence in oneself, an essential to do anything to the expected level at IIT.

The unit has a set of student counsellors and faculty counsellors who are available at anytime for any help that may be needed. We at Mitr are your first friends on campus. For anything you may need, just contact our team.

Mitr's responsibilities also include helping out students who find it difficult to cope with academic load with tutors who will do the needful. Look out for intresting talks and workshops by people from various parts of the institute, arranged by Mitr, to facilitate acquaintance with them so that students can contact the right person(s) freely as and when necessary.

Mitr is not only for the first year students, we are also actively involved in counselling or offering any kind of help to the students in higher semesters. You can reach out to us anytime for any kind of a problem and it will be solved just the way your friend would.


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